Why more and more campsite owners are opting for fixed glamping lodges

Glamping is increasingly popular across Europe and north America, and guests can choose from a wide variety of accommodation options, but a growing number of campsite owners are opting for fixed glamping lodges – we’ll explain the benefits.

Extend your rental season into the winter
Fixed glamping lodges have an enormous benefit: you can increase your occupancy rate during the winter. Our glamping lodges are robust enough to remain outside all year and you can rent them out. In our range, we offer different tent lodges that can be made winterproof with pellet or electrical heating and by adding extra insulation. We can provide advice on how to do this safely.

Fixed glamping lodges meet the needs of campers
Guests increasingly want luxurious camping holidays and our glamping lodges offer everything you need to satisfy this demand. From a fully equipped kitchen to a bathroom and box-spring beds in the bedroom, our lodges have everything your guests need. Holidaymakers also want memorable experiences. A night or two in our unique accommodation, perhaps with extras like a jacuzzi, can provide them with a holiday they will never forget.

First impressions count
Potential guests often choose a holiday based on photos online. It’s important that your campsite is attractive and looks well cared for. Our sophisticated glamping lodges contribute to a site’s overall appearance and can make all the difference.

Increase your target market
Traditional camping isn’t for everyone. But you don’t have to be an outdoors type to enjoy glamping in one of our lodges. Holiday makers who have never camped before, are increasingly interested in luxury glamping lodges that offer all the comforts of home, away from it all – and are willing to pay more for it.

Are you a campsite owner thinking about glamping lodges? Contact us without obligation to find out more.

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