Thinking differently in times of crisis

Download our free white paper with tips for campsites and holiday parks.

The travel industry has been hit hard by the coronavirus crisis and there is a lot of uncertainty within our industry at the moment.
We would like to work with you to explore the possibilities and opportunities to deal with this crisis in the best possible way. Therefore, we share this white paper with you, which offers concrete tools to put in place now, but above all, offers a positive outlook on the coming holiday season and the period thereafter.


When can my season start? What impact will the coming season have on my business financially in the short and long term? How can I properly prepare my campsite or holiday park for the upcoming holiday season and the future? These questions are on all our minds and we’ve answered them in our free white paper.

Therefore, please click on the link above to read our white paper and properly prepare yourself changes in this holiday season and for the increased demand for glamping accommodation units with sanitary facilities.

Listen the podcast of Sarah Riley, founder of Inspired Camping

Listen also the podcast of Sarah Riley (founder of Inspired Camping). In conversation with Richard Otten (Blogs4travel) they explore whats’s likely to happen after the Covid-19 lockdown for glamping businesses, campsites and holiday parks.


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