Naturists – a natural market for glamping

There are probably more naturists than you think. In the Netherlands, last year, the current affairs TV programme Eenvandaag discovered that about 2 million Dutch people sometimes get naked in public, and in Germany, an estimated 8 million people are occasional nudists. It’s also popular in Scandinavia and Spain, too. Naturists enjoy getting back to nature and are increasingly interested in more luxurious forms of camping such as glamping. They could be potential guests for your site – we explain why.

Naturism and camping – how it started
Originally naturists enjoyed back-to-basics camping without fuss and unnecessary luxury. Engaging with the natural environment and an attitude of respect for others, meant that naturists often used to camp using their own tents, in secluded spots without electricity and running water. While that closeness to nature is still one of the most important reasons for choosing a camping holiday, many naturists are now looking for a little more luxury and convenience.

Naturism and glamping – a perfect match
The desire for greater luxury is one of the reasons that naturists are increasingly considering booking glamping accommodation. They also want to spend time up close with nature, and fortunately for many glamping site owners, their sites are located in some of the most beautiful natural areas, in woods and close to the sea.

Freedom combined with privacy
The feeling of freedom is also very important for naturists. The freedom to wear as little clothing as they want, but also to enjoy the privacy that glamping offers. There are a growing number of glamping naturist campsites across Europe. In France, in the Dordogne region, Camping Le Couderc for example, has nine safari tents for guests to enjoy and in the south of the country, Le Sérignan Plage Nature, offers guests a range of accommodation, including glamping tents.

Naturists provide a niche target market for campsite owners, and for those who already run naturist sites, adding some glamping accommodation will make you stand out from the competition.

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