How do you optimise your rental season?

Camping traditionally takes place during peak season when the days are longer and warmer. But increasing numbers of campsites are beginning to open outside this short season to optimise their revenue stream. It takes a little work, but here are some useful tips that could help make the most of this emerging trend.

A growing need for rest and freedom
Consumers lead increasingly hectic lives. They need to take time out to recharge their batteries and have a break – and not just during the summer. Across Europe from the Netherlands to the UK, Germany, France and beyond, people are choosing to take holidays outside peak season. In Holland, for example, a number of campsites are extending their rental season because consumers want to get away from it all, regardless of the weather. Glamping offers cosy accommodation in a peaceful setting, where they can escape from work and the pressures of everyday life.

More short stays
One of the biggest trends in travel and tourism is the rise of short breaks. Instead of one long holiday, people are choosing two or three shorter ones, often closer to home. In 2018, for example, 5% more Dutch people chose a “staycation” than the year before. You can optimise your rentals by offering weekend or short midweek breaks outside peak season.

How to draw in guests
Outside peak season offer a lower rental rate, or perhaps offer three nights for the price of two, to increase your bookings. Many people love getting out into the countryside during the autumn, so make sure your accommodation is warm and cosy, wind and draft free. And dress your safari tents in style with decorations, candles, autumn leaves and extra blankets and think about adding a fire pit.

Distinguish yourself from the rest
What are your Unique Selling Points (USP’s)? Are you close to city or local attraction? Or perhaps your site is in a beautiful natural setting? Make the most of what you have and ensure the information is on your website and your marketing material, so you can reach your target audience.

The added extras that make the difference
Let’s be honest. Nobody wants to camp if they are cold, so make sure you offer adequate heating – we can advise you on safe options. We can also supply an extra inner tent for your accommodation, which has an insulating effect. And, if you are closed during the winter months, then there is the option of covering your glamping tents with a green winter cover. It’s not necessary, but it will give extra protection to your accommodation against harsh winter weather.

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