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      Safari Lodge

      Designed to stay outdoors all year long

      Safari Lodge

      The Safari Lodge has a large covered veranda and a front that can be opened completely, creating a wonderful spacious living area. Its innovative design creates additional sleeping facilities whilst making component replacement an easy job. This Lodge has been designed specifically to fit on typical mobile home or campervan slots. The most striking feature of the Safari Lodge is its height; it has a second floor capable of accommodating an additional four beds creating up to 8 – 9 sleeping places. The layout, the extra story floor, the luxurious bathroom and the spacious covered veranda make this tent the ultimate family tent.

      Most of the safari tents we sell are single story. Our new 2-story lodges has proven to be a real WOW factor for your customers. Combining the extra flexibility and space with our custom designed and manufactured range of eco-friendly furniture, this lodge is guaranteed to impress.


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      The general specifications are applicable to all sizes.

      The frame is made of brown treated wood and the beams have a diameter of 80 mm or 100 mm. The roof is made of high quality M2 certified flame retardant PVC and the inner tent is made out of KA46 polyester cotton or the high tech flame retardant Campshield canvas, both produced by Royal TenCate. The inner tent consists out of five replaceable components which means that you can easily replace a single section thus prolonging the life of the tent.


      Other formats possible

      Safari Lodge 30

      • Total surface: 46 m²
      • Inner tent dimensions: 5.5 x 5.4 m
      • Suitable for up to 5 people
      • Including a 16.5 m² veranda

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      Safari Lodge 40

      • Total surface: 63 m²
      • Inner tent dimensions: 7.5 x 5.4 m
      • Suitable for 6 – 9 people
      • Including a 22.5 m² veranda

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      The Safari Lodge brings a new audience to your camp