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      Luxury Lodge

      Tight Lodge with luxurious kitchen and bedroom with extra privacy

      Luxury Lodge

      Create the ultimate Glamping experience at your campsite with the atmospheric quality tents made by Luxetenten.com. New and exclusive is the Luxury Lodge, the perfect safari lodge with a spacious veranda that has a similar size of a mobile home.

      Just as all of our tents, the Luxury Lodge also has a unique mounting system which can be pulled tight to ensure perfect tension.There is no point load on the inner tent which extends the lifespan of the tent. The wooden construction has a sturdy and stylish look and by using natural colors the Luxury Lodge will fit in any surrounding. The robust finished interior made of Douglas or reclaimed wood completes the ultimate Glamping feeling.

      The Luxury Lodge is available in 2 different models with capacity for 4 to 8 people. It is the first time that Luxetenten.com is offering a tent with the possibility to choose not only one bathroom, but 2 fully furnished bathrooms in one tent. The tent can of course be equipped with a luxurious kitchen, separated bedrooms for extra privacy and a practical layout.

      The new Luxury Lodges can now be viewed in our showroom in Emmeloord, the Netherlands.


      Other formats possible

      Luxury Lodge 40

      • Totale surface: 55 m²
      • Inner tent dimensions : 7,5 x 5,5 m
      • Suitable for  4 – 5 people
      • Including a 15 m² veranda

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      Luxury Lodge 49

      • Totale surface: 64 m²
      • Inner tent dimensions : 9 x 5,4 m
      • Suitable for  6 – 8 people
      • Including a 15 m² veranda

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