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      Luxetenten.com has been designing, producing and supplying luxurious furnished Safari Tents, Lodge Tents and other exclusive tents for the leisure industry around the world for several years now. We work with our customers to design customized Luxurytents to suit their specific circumstances and requirements.

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      Our philosophy is to be different, focusing on innovation whilst respecting the traditional feel of camping. We offer quality, flexibility and innovation build on the foundation of excellent customer service. For the production of our tents we use only the best materials such as our range of TenCate Canvas Fabrics which are flame retardant; galvanized German steel and sustainable harvested wood. For the latter we are FSC® and PEFC certified. Luxetenten.com has several Field Service Teams. We have Service Points and Mechanics in Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Croatia, Spain and of course in Holland.

      Whilst our standard tents include the floor base, tent and interior, we can also offer styling (such as lighting) or complete technical installations making it a turn-key solution. Our Safari Tents, Glamping Lodge, Safari Lodge, Bedouin tents and Bell Tents have been designed and produced in Europe to provide luxury accommodation for campsites, hotels and land owners. Our Tents provide an unique blend of adventure and comfort, making your campsite stand out and more attractive for a large audience – people who like the adventure of camping but without the trouble of putting up a tent or a staying in a caravan that’s disconnected from nature. Our Luxurytents provide a low-cost solution that can help any farmer, landowner or camping site grow their business and increase their returns. For more information use our contact page

      Luxetenten.com, the producers of unique Glamping products