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Glamping: outtasight camping!

Safari tents luxury beachlodge

Luxurytents are suppliers of, among other things, safari tents and several (spectacular) luxury tents, which already have found a home on several camping sites in the Netherlands and abroad. We, the people from luxurytents, supply safari tents, beachlodges and tentlodges. If you wish, we can have tents made according to your specifications. Luxurytents is a part of luxetenten.com

We supply completely equipped safari tents, beach lodges and tentlodges with their own sanitary installations, heating, a fully equipped kitchen and comfortable beds. The tents are made of high quality canvas (800-900 grams per m² for the roof and 500-600 g/m² for the sleeping tent). The canvas of the safari tents is very resistant to abrasion, therefore the tent is all-season.

We offer you a choice of different safari tents, beach lodges and exclusive tents with various themes and levels of interior decoration. Examples of themes are: Out of Africa, Thousand-and-one-nights, Just for kids, and VIP. You are the only one to decide on the level of interior decoration, from basic to very luxurious, from Senseo to Nintendo Wii, and from dish washing machine to hot tub. It goes without speaking that the tents and furniture can also be supplied separately in different measures!

We are the only enterprise in the Benelux countries to have a lot of experience in placing the safari tents on wooden floors, in decorating and in styling on campings and other sites.

Your wishes are our prime concern, and therefore tents can be made to order. We would like to engage a dialogue with you to compare your wishes and our possibilities.

For more information, please contact us by e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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